Find the word!

With each guess, you'll learn if the secret word is alphabetically before or after your guess. You'll also see the distance between the secret word and your guess.

How does distance work?

Distance between words measures the minimum number of letter insertions, deletions, and replacements to turn one word into another:

-illumined        kissed
ti---mi--d        kisses

"illuminated" and "timid" have a distance of 6 (insert the t, remove llu, remove ne).
"kissed" and "kisses" have a distance of 1 (replace ds).

Using distance, you can do cool things:

If the word is between "illness" and "illumined", then it must start "ill...". If guess "ill" has distance 6, then the word must be 9 letters long. Or if the short guess "i" has distance 8 and "a" has distance 9, then the word must contain "i", not contain "a", and has length 9. You can use the distances of your guesses in clever ways to get better and better!

Don't worry about case-- it doesn't matter (proper nouns are excluded).
And if you get stuck, you can always click the button to get a hint!
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DIXSEE is a word game that combines the simplicity of Wordle with the challenge of Semantle.

What dictionary is used?

The Linux American English (/usr/share/dict/american-english), excluding words with punctuation, capital letters, and non-used single-letter words.

Is DIXSEE free?


Do you sell the words I enter to advertisers?

Nope. Those are only held locally (on your computer).

Who chooses the secret words?

The secret words are chosen at random. They can be any word from the dictionary.

Why did you make DIXSEE?

What started out as a quick project for my wife became a game that we play regularly. We'd love to share it with you!

My name is Oliver. My lovely wife drew this atom for me!

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██████╗ ██╗██╗  ██╗███████╗███████╗███████╗██╗
██║  ██║██║ ╚███╔╝ ███████╗█████╗  █████╗  ██║
██║  ██║██║ ██╔██╗ ╚════██║██╔══╝  ██╔══╝  ╚═╝
██████╔╝██║██╔╝ ██╗███████║███████╗███████╗██╗
╚═════╝ ╚═╝╚═╝  ╚═╝╚══════╝╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝




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